Meeting Place Lab

Materials Available:

Two constant velocity cars, metersticks, stopwatches

What to Find:

Predict the distance at which two cars will collide when they start at opposite ends separated by a distance of 1.5 meters. One car leaves 3 seconds after the first car is released.

Data Analysis:

On your whiteboard, include motion diagrams, any calculations done, graphs of position and velocity versus time graphs. Clearly show how you are making your prediction and indicate whether or not you were successful.

Essential Knowledge 3.A.1: An observer in a particular reference frame can describe the motion of an object using such quantities as position, displacement, distance, velocity, speed and acceleration.

  • LO 3.A.1.2: The student is able to design an experimental investigation of the motion of an object. [SP4.2]
  • LO 3.A.1.3: The student is able to analyze experimental data describing the motion of an object and is able to express the results of the analysis using narrative, mathematical and graphical representations. [SP5.1]